Saturday, June 28, 2008

Best value Busking Amps

Have you considered busking?

If so, here are three amps that might be your secret weapon to some serious cash!

Most folks who actually pay the rent (or a portion of it) buy performing in the street (or subway, etc...) with the ol' hat out will tell you that the right amp can be a major positive catalyst to the "Ka-Ching!" variable. It's the tough ratio: You want the smallest / lightest amp that will give you the biggest / fullest sound. Impossible? Well, here are a few busking amps that are not only tools of choice for most serious buskers, they also offer incredible value for those with a tight budget:

Hiwatt 15w Busker Amplifier:

Crate TX15:

Roland CubeStreet:

So, there you go. Now get your guitar, your hat and your talent, and get out there!

Let's Jam!

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